Flour Bluff Independent School District was established in 1937. The district encompasses a 156 square mile area (100 square miles of water and 56 square miles of land). The Flour Bluff/Padre Island/NAS community enjoys the advantage of being a part of the metropolitan Corpus Christi (est. pop. 320,434) with all its cultural, economic, and educational benefits. Nevertheless, the community is proud to maintain a separate independent school district emphasizing high standards and local control.

Student progress reports are given to all students every three weeks. They are to be handed to the students no later than the Wednesday of the fourth week of the six weeks, unless otherwise notified. Teachers use short and frequent assessments using all learning modalities to check for understanding, document student progress, and to communicate feedback to students. These assessments are done formally and informally; through participation, projects, journal entries, observations, conversations/discussions, quizzes, collaborative groups, appropriate questions, experiments, pre-assessments, portfolios, and products. Teachers assess formally and informally so students will “show what they know.” Report cards are given to students during the week following the end of the six weeks (with the exception of the last six weeks), unless otherwise notified. Parents are also encouraged to sign into Family Access as as way to stay-up-to-date on student grades and other information.

In order to ensure the highest level of learning and student success, the Elementary School is of respectful, caring, positive, accepting, open, safe, trusting, encouraging, comfortable, nurturing, supportive, welcoming, valued, stimulating, engaging, kind, helpful, non-threatening, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment. In order to enhance the school and classroom environment, the Elementary staff continuously encourage family and community values through praising students and encouraging self-confident exchanges where students are allowed to take risks.

Facts & Figures

  • Staff 2018-2019

    • Principal: 1
    • Assistant Principal: 1
    • Teachers: 45
    • Counselors: 1
    • Paraprofessionals: 17
    • Curriculum Supervisor: 1
    • Nurse: 1
    • Other Support Staff: 8
  • Student Population 2017-2018

    Enrollment: 801
    Grade 3: 400
    Grade 4: 401

    Asian: 1.3%
    African American: 3.1%
    Hispanic: 46.9%
    White: 41.9%
    Native Am./Indian/HA: 0.3%
    Pacific Islander: 0.3%
    Two or More Races: 6.3%

  • Class Size Averages

    • Grade 3: 19.1
    • Grade 4: 17.9
  • Attendance Rate

    • 2016-2017
    • 96.1%

STAAR Passing Rates 2015-2016

3rd Grade
Reading: 76%
Math: 78%

4th Grade
Reading: 80%
Math: 81%
Writing: 76%

Accountability Rating:
Met Standard