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Street/Traffic Meeting with City of Corpus Christi Traffic Engineering, CCPD, Nueces County Constables Office

Flour Bluff ISD District Administrators met with representatives from the City of Corpus Christi Traffic Engineering Office, Corpus Christi Police Department, Nueces County Constables Office and the Nueces County Emergency Service District 2 to talk about traffic control and street construction.  

The construction currently taking place on Hustlin’ Hornet Road is set to be complete in the next few days with crosswalk and pavement markers completed by the start of the school year. Discussion during the meeting was centered around finding additional solutions for parents to drive during drop-off and/or pick-up times. There are some options including the extension of existing roads that will provide an additional outlet for school traffic and the neighborhood off of Hustlin’ Hornet Road. The City Engineering Department is confident we can partner to provide a solution. 

Electronic traffic signage will be added to alert drivers that Laguna Shores at Hustlin’ Hornet Road is available as an outlet. Drivers can utilize Hustlin’ Hornet, Laguna Shores, and Graham Road as another avenue to come into or exit the District. The signage is expected to be up for at least the first few weeks of school. 

The City is planning to conduct a study on the traffic patterns in and around the district during drop-off and release times. They will be utilizing their drones to get footage to help prepare a traffic study. 

The Nueces County Constable’s Office is committed to providing additional support for drop-off and release times to help with the traffic follow especially for the start of the new school year. 

We have developed a video that provides information on different routes parents can take during drop-off and release times. Please click here to view the video.